Tender for development of Cork Child Friendly City Website

The tender for the Cork Child Friendly City website design is out and can be accessed through Activelink here: www.activelink.ie/node/97838

The website will help to promote the importance of including children’s voices in services, planning and life in the city. It will provide resources, best practice, training information and stories.


Cork has committed to becoming a Child Friendly City. A group of interagency partners, supported by Cork Healthy Cities and lead by Let’s Grow Together has come together to progress the shared vision for Cork to become a recognised child friendly city, progressing all children’s rights, participation and belonging.

The Cork Child Friendly City Forum is aligned with the UNICEF Child Friendly City Framework and other policy and practice initiatives at local, regional, and national level. According to UNICEF a Child-Friendly City is a “city, town, community, or any system of local governance committed to fulfilling child rights as articulated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. A child-friendly city is a city that is fit for all”.
The Cork Child Friendly City Forum seeks to deliver and support policies, events, programmes, and projects across Cork City centered on the voices, needs, priorities and right of children. The everyday experience of children will be integral to the wider public policies, programmes and decisions making processes adopted by the Forum.

The Cork Child Friendly City Forum, on behalf of the city seeks to inform wider learning and practice across the country and region. The forum has prepared this tender to source an individual(s)/organisation with the skills and expertise to develop a website that will allow the forum to share information with the wider community. It is vital that the website will be engaging, interactive and accessible to all.
Hub na nÓg in the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth have provided a fund to establish this website. The website will be a resource for both children and adults to have a voice as well providing information, case studies and resources to facilitate children’s participation.