Early Childhood Care & Education

The Early Childhood Care and Education strategy involves the delivery of a suite of Early Years (EY) quality improvement measures to all EY centres (both crèche and preschool rooms) in the Let’s Grow Together! catchment area. The strategy is guided by an Early Years Co-ordinators Group and is aligned to the National Early Years curriculum and quality frameworks of Aistear and Soilta. 

The Centres that take part in the strategy are: 

The suite of EY quality improvement measures are informed by continuous use of ECRS and ITRS and include the following activities and programmes

Hanen Learning Language and Loving It™ 

Learning Language and Loving It™ is an evidence-based and research-validated programme which views a child’s development of language, social skills, and emergent literacy within the context of the early caregiver-child relationship and interactions. Learning Language and Loving It™ provides EY educations with practical, research-based strategies and involves group training session and individual video-taping and feedback sessions for each participant.

HighScope Curriculum Training

HighScope is a quality approach to early childhood care and education which has been shaped and developed by research and practice. Identifying and building on children’s strengths, interests and abilities, the curriculum is used internationally in a variety of settings including crèches, playschools and primary schools. 


Let’s Grow Together! recognises the value in lifelong learning and personal development through reflection and shared learning experiences with others. The mentoring programme was developed to provide assistance to EY centres participating in the suite of EY quality improvement measurements. 

Environmental Enhancement

Infant Mental Health in service training

The training is to support Early Years Professionals grow their awareness, skills and reflection of Infant Mental Health and incorporate this into everyday practice so they can build trusting and supportive relationships with the children that they work with.