Research & Evaluation

There is a strong emphasis on documenting, researching and evaluation activities and service design to inform best practice and policy. YK has a close working partnership with departments within UCC. An overarching research group currently includes:

  • Dr. Shirley Martin
  • Dr. Margaret Curtin
  • Dr. Siobhán O’Sullivan
  • Dr. Ciara O’ Toole

Emerging Research

  • Child level profile (Lynn)
  • Impact of Infant Mental Health in Early Years Settings
  • Impact of prevention and early intervention: Speech, language and literacy strategy
  • Impact of Covid-19 on families with Young Children
  • Wellbeing study

The KidScope Study: An analysis of a community-based paediatric development clinic set in a disadvantaged area of Ireland

Funded by the Let’s Grow Together! Infant and Childhood Partnerships CLG. and the Irish Research Council, The KidScope Study: An analysis of a community-based paediatric development clinic set in a disadvantaged area of Ireland, is a four-year PhD study conducted by Let’s Grow Together! Programme Officer, Lynn Buckley. Conducted through University College Cork (UCC), and the Royal College of Surgeon’s SPHeRE (Structured Population and Health-services Research Education) Programme, the study is being supervised by Dr Margaret Curtin, School of Nursing and Midwifery UCC, and Dr Louise Gibson, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health UCC and Consultant Paediatrician in Cork University Hospital.

Unique to Ireland, KidScope is the only consultant-lead child development clinic to offer free assessment, consultation, and onward referral of children aged 0-6 years within a highly vulnerable community. The study is the first opportunity to apply critical, qualitative and quantitative lenses to the KidScope Clinic and to understand the impact of the clinic on child outcomes and practitioner service provision. A study on the KidScope Clinic, from ideation to full operation, will provide a template for how to plan and implement effective paediatric care in disadvantaged community settings. The study will contribute to research in the area of child health and development, offering rigorous, evidence-based findings highlighting the importance of multi-agency, inter-disciplinary partnership working within a child development clinic, and the importance of implementing a paediatric development outreach clinic in an area of high disadvantage and vulnerability.