Provider to conduct Assessment of Early Years Services using ECERS and SSTEW scales and follow-up reporting

Let’s Grow Together wishes to contract the services of suitably qualified and experienced individual(s) or an organisation to carry out assessment using the ECERS and SSTEW scales in 20 preschool/Early Start rooms located within the Let’s Grow Together catchment area. 20 preschool/Early Start rooms equates approximately to 60 hours of session time. The initial contract will be to provide baseline information to identify strengths and inform areas of development in order to improve outcomes for children. This will then influence a tailored plan designed by Let’s Grow Together involving training, mentoring and the direction of other resources, building on existing strengths and capabilities of each service/room.

SSTEW and ECERS will be used again as part of a post intervention assessment in two years to evaluate change as a result.

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